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Annals of Arid Zone

(Instructions for Authors)

Annals of Arid Zone is an official publication of the Arid Zone Research Association of India, Jodhpur, and is printed quarterly in March, June, September and December. Full length articles and short communications dealing with the physical, biological, and socio-economic aspects of arid and semi-arid regions are published. Papers on applied problems, dealing with desertification, management and conservation of the resources and recovery of degraded arid lands, are preferred. Occasionally invited review articles, on subjects or problems of general interest, are included. However, contributory review articles are not accepted. Sometimes, special issues containing invited review articles on a particular theme are also published.

The manuscript should be in English and type-written with double spacing on good quality paper with wide margins. One original and two copies of the manuscript should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, Annals of Arid Zone, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur 342 003, India. Authors may indicate their e-mail address on the first page of the manuscript. All contributory manuscripts are peer-reviewed. Authors are expected to answer all questions/comments of Referee for his/her reconsideration while submitting the revised manuscript. Once the paper is accepted by the Editorial Board, authors must provide the final text on IBM-compatible diskette.

The title should be brief but informative, not exceeding 15 words, but highlighting the subject and purpose of the study. A short running title, not exceeding 30 characters, should be included. In the title, phrases like 'Studies on', abbreviations and botanical names should be avoided.

Immediately after the abstract (not exceeding 250 words), five to six key words, identifying the most important aspects covered in the paper, may be included.

Authors are advised to follow Webster Dictionary for spelling. The metric system may be used, adopting International System of Units. In the text and tables, minus sign (kg ha-l) instead of slash (kg/ha) should be used.

All illustrations should be bold enough to stand adequate reduction to a single or double column. Any lettering inside the illustrations should be in upper/lower case. Captions of figures should be provided separately. Tables should document, but not duplicate, the data already covered in the text or illustrations. Papers having tables exceeding 100 characters are normally not accepted for publication.

Tables should have short title and typed on separate sheets. Only published or in-print papers may be cited in the text and under references. Anything unpublished should be included as 'personal communication/unpublished' in the text only. Journal names should not be abbreviated.